It’s about protection. It’s about a quality that lasts and a look that stands to impress. It’s about getting a service that is friendly, honest and reliable. Bayou City Fence Company is about giving you a fence that is exactly what you need.

Since 1988, we have been serving the Houston area with the same standards for excellence that drive us to do our best every single day. We have been building and fabricating our own fences in-house since 1992, giving us decades of experience understanding what makes a fence stand up to the elements, time, and the pressures that you may place on it. With the best materials, an ever-increasing knowledge base and the expertise you can trust, we are dedicated to serving each client with the hometown friendliness and unmatched excellence that is so common to the Bayou City.

We were built on honesty and founded on the principles of Southern hospitality that have been part of our life since birth. With all of the experience you need from a corporation and all the service you’d expect from a hometown company, Bayou City Fence Company is exactly what you need.

From start to finish, we pride ourselves on our communication, our fair prices and honest service. You will never feel in the dark or underappreciated, because we know what it takes to make a customer feel at home with us. Contact us today and see how we can help you, and give you a fence that will be exactly what you need.